The effective functioning of South African para-cycling, in all spheres of administration and participation, is dependent upon the availability of essential information and the exchange thereof between various stakeholders. This database and information system makes an important contribution in this regard. Populated with the necessary data, the system aims to benefit every area of strategic significance for para-cycling, including communication, performance monitoring and analysis, objectivity in national team selections, logistic arrangements for tours, etc. Summary of the SA paracycling strategy implementation plan.

The database and information system has many attributes similar to those incorporated into popular social media platforms. For example, there is controlled/restricted access to personal information of riders and other functionaries registered on the system, whilst there is open access to important information of general interest.

There are a number of modules comprising the database and information system, which can be accessed through various routes. These modules provide for biodata filing, competition (national, international) performance analysis, event planning, etc. Some of the modules are under construction and are scheduled for online release in future.

As a communication platform, the database and information system provides a complementary service to Cycling South Africa’s general website (www.cyclingsa.com). 



Thursday, 04 September 2014, Successful end to World Champs

South Africa produced two world champions.

Wednesday, 03 September 2014, Results of TT from World Champs, Greenville, USA

TT results

Thursday, 14 August 2014, Team of to Road World Champs

Team announced for Worlds