Road Teams and Participants

Event Participant Team Region
Road World ChampsAaron KEITHIndividual-
Road World ChampsAlessandro ZANARDIIndividual-
Road World ChampsAlfredo DELOSANTOSIndividual-
Road World ChampsAndrea TarlaoIndividual-
Road World ChampsAndries ScheepersIndividual-
Road World ChampsAttie BothaIndividual-
Road World ChampsBenjamin WATSONIndividual-
Road World ChampsBenjamin FruehIndividual-
Road World ChampsBernd JEFFRE Individual-
Road World ChampsBJ Van der WaltIndividual-
Road World ChampsCesar NEIRA PEREZ Individual-
Road World ChampsCharles MoreauIndividual-
Road World ChampsColin LYNCH Individual-
Road World ChampsDaniel ABRAHAM GEBRU, Individual-
Road World ChampsDarren HICKSIndividual-
Road World ChampsDiego German Duenas GomezIndividual-
Road World ChampsEsnelder MUNZ MARINIndividual-
Road World ChampsGavin CowdenIndividual-
Road World ChampsGerhard ViljoenIndividual-
Road World ChampsGoldy FuchsIndividual-
Road World ChampsGysbert George Van der NietIndividual-
Road World ChampsHans-Peter DURST,Individual-
Road World ChampsHarri SOPANENIndividual-
Road World ChampsHeinz FREIIndividual-
Road World ChampsIsrael HILARIO RIMAS Individual-
Road World ChampsJean Francois DebergIndividual-
Road World ChampsJetze PLATIndividual-
Road World ChampsJoan REINOSO FIGUEROLAIndividual-
Road World ChampsJozef METELKA Individual-
Road World ChampsKrystian GIERA Individual-
Road World ChampsKyle BridgewoodIndividual-
Road World ChampsLauro Cesar CHAMMANIndividual-
Road World ChampsLuis COSTAIndividual-
Road World ChampsMasaki FUJITA, Individual-
Road World ChampsMichael SametzIndividual-
Road World ChampsNestor AYALA AYALA Individual-
Road World ChampsNicolas Pieter Du PreezIndividual-
Road World ChampsPaolo CECCHETTOIndividual-
Road World ChampsPatrik JAHODAIndividual-
Road World ChampsPatrik KURILIndividual-
Road World ChampsPhillo VerlaatIndividual-
Road World ChampsPieter Juan OdendaalIndividual-
Road World ChampsRafal WILK, Individual-
Road World ChampsRyan BOYLEIndividual-
Road World ChampsShelley GAUTIER Individual-
Road World ChampsSteffen WariasIndividual-
Road World ChampsStephen HillsIndividual-
Road World ChampsStuart McCreadieIndividual-
Road World ChampsStuart TRIPPIndividual-
Road World ChampsTeppo POLVIIndividual-
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Thursday, 04 September 2014, Successful end to World Champs

South Africa produced two world champions.

Wednesday, 03 September 2014, Results of TT from World Champs, Greenville, USA

TT results

Thursday, 14 August 2014, Team of to Road World Champs

Team announced for Worlds