Road Teams and Participants

Event Participant Team Region
Road World ChampsTim DE VRIESIndividual-
Road World ChampsToni Katherine MouldIndividual-
Road World ChampsTristen ChernoveIndividual-
Road World ChampsVico MERKLEIN Individual-
Road World ChampsVittorio PODESTA Individual-
Road World ChampsWolfgang EIBECK Individual-
Road World ChampsYehor DEMENTYEV, Individual-
Road World ChampsYulia SIBAGATOVAIndividual-
Belgium World Cup #2Craig MCCANNIndividual-
Belgium World Cup #2Goldy FuchsIndividual-
Belgium World Cup #2Hans-Peter DURST,Individual-
Belgium World Cup #2Ryan BOYLEIndividual-
Belgium World Cup #2Steven PEACEIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesAlessandro ZANARDIIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesAlistair DonohoeIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesAndrea TarlaoIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesCiara STAUNTON, Individual-
Rio Paralympic GamesColin LYNCH Individual-
Rio Paralympic GamesCraig Frederick RidgardIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesDane John WilsonIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesDaniel ABRAHAM GEBRU, Individual-
Rio Paralympic GamesDavid STONEIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesErnst Francois Van DykIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesGoldy FuchsIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesGuihua LIANG Individual-
Rio Paralympic GamesHans-Peter DURST,Individual-
Rio Paralympic GamesIvo KOBLASA Individual-
Rio Paralympic GamesJustine AsherIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesLauro Cesar CHAMMANIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesMaurice Eckhard TioIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesMikyoung JEON Individual-
Rio Paralympic GamesNestor AYALA AYALA Individual-
Rio Paralympic GamesOscar SANCHEZIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesRyan BOYLEIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesStephen HillsIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesStuart TRIPPIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesTim DE VRIESIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesTristen ChernoveIndividual-
Rio Paralympic GamesYehor DEMENTYEV, Individual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaCiara STAUNTON, Individual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaErnst BACHMAIER, Individual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaGavin CowdenIndividual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaGerhard ViljoenIndividual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaGoldy FuchsIndividual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaJay LAPOINTE Individual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaJustine AsherIndividual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaNicolas Pieter Du PreezIndividual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaRafal MIKOLAJCZYK, Individual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaSteven PEACEIndividual-
2016 #1 World Cup south afrcaToni Katherine MouldIndividual-
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Thursday, 04 September 2014, Successful end to World Champs

South Africa produced two world champions.

Wednesday, 03 September 2014, Results of TT from World Champs, Greenville, USA

TT results

Thursday, 14 August 2014, Team of to Road World Champs

Team announced for Worlds