Track Teams and Participants

Event Participant Team Region
Track World Champs 2016Alistair DonohoeIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Andrea TarlaoIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Christopher MurphyIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Dane John WilsonIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016David NICHOLAS Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Denise SCHINDLER Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Diedrick SCHELFHOUT Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Eduardo SANTAS ASENSIO, Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Edwin Fabian Matiz RuizIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Eoghan CLIFFORDIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Fabio ANOBILE, Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Jamie WHITMORE CARDENAS, Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Jason KimballIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Jon-Allan ButterworthIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Jonathan GildeaIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Joseph BERENYI, Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Lauro Cesar CHAMMANIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Masaki FUJITA, Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Megan GigliaIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Michael GallagherIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Michael SametzIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Pablo Jaramillo GallardoIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Pieter Juan OdendaalIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Roxanne Mathieson BurnsIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Sergey USTINOV, Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Sergey BATUKOV Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Simone KENNEDY Individual-
Track World Champs 2016Tomas KAJNARIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Xinyang LiuIndividual-
Track World Champs 2016Yehor DEMENTYEV, Individual-
Gauteng provincialsDane John WilsonIndividual-
Manchester International2015Alex JonesIndividual-
Manchester International2015Alfonso Cabllo LlamasIndividual-
Manchester International2015Amador Granados AlkortaIndividual-
Manchester International2015Craig GreenIndividual-
Manchester International2015Dane John WilsonIndividual-
Manchester International2015David SmithIndividual-
Manchester International2015Denise SCHINDLER Individual-
Manchester International2015Eduardo SANTAS ASENSIO, Individual-
Manchester International2015Jamie WHITMORE CARDENAS, Individual-
Manchester International2015Jon-Allan ButterworthIndividual-
Manchester International2015Jonathan GildeaIndividual-
Manchester International2015Katie ToftIndividual-
Manchester International2015Megan GigliaIndividual-
Manchester International2015Pablo Jaramillo GallardoIndividual-
Manchester International2015Pieter Juan OdendaalIndividual-
Manchester International2015Richard WADDON, Individual-
Manchester International2015Roxanne Mathieson BurnsIndividual-
CSA National track champsCraig Frederick RidgardIndividual-
CSA National track champsDane John WilsonIndividual-
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Thursday, 04 September 2014, Successful end to World Champs

South Africa produced two world champions.

Wednesday, 03 September 2014, Results of TT from World Champs, Greenville, USA

TT results

Thursday, 14 August 2014, Team of to Road World Champs

Team announced for Worlds